Where do I begin!? This man had helped our family out in huge ways! We were renting out our house from another state, which is not ideal at all! It was the first home we ever purchased and desperately wanted a re-do. Nothing wrong with the house but we didn’t know what we wanted when we were looking for one. Needless to say, we wanted to sell it and try again. We were having a very hard time with realtors and once we found the one we liked we learned that they took a huge chunk for commission. They were going to make around 20k while we would leave with 1k. That was not going to work because in order to sell our home we needed to come up with 5k to pay off the air conditioner. This man came riding in on his white horse and saved the day. We were paying the mortgage plus our rent and utilities at our actual place we lived in. The renters moved out. We had over 3k coming out a month to cover bills. Once I signed the paperwork for Johnson property investments, he took care of my mortgage, giving me proper paperwork to prove it. Everything was easy, simple, and fast. Best choice I’ve made regarding selling our house!
— Rae Idalia

The Johnsons are awesome people to work with that take your concerns seriously and respond to your questions and concerns very quickly. If you are in the area and see yourself needing their service, I highly recommend them.
— Chris Stephens

He (Adam) took the worry away from my wife and my self when I was transitioning out of the army and relocating my family to Texas. I would definitely go through him again if I ever needed to.
— Mike Cobb

Always ready to help out in our community! They are always advertising and updating the information that has been given out. Very quick to jump in and lend a helping hand! Very knowledgeable about the business and if she (Asury) doesn’t know she is eager to get you the answers!
— Janet Austin